English Fluency Course

An English fluency course is a type of language proficiency course that assesses communication skills in the English language. It is an online course that is conducted for 1 hour everyday that helps candidates on key parameters such as grammar, articulation, comprehension, pronunciation and clarity in speech through one on one interaction session. The course helps improve student's fluency in the English language.

English Fluency Course at PEC are categorized into two Sectors :

  • Beginners
  • Professionals

Course Motive

To help interested candidates from any educational background become fluent in English speaking. The course is specifically targeted for IELTS students, OET students, TOEFL students, entrepreneurs, government officers, doctors and nurses, anyone planning to go abroad etc.

Course Benefits

English Fluency Course helps you become confident while communicating in English so you can use English language in a flexible way for social, academic, and professional purposes.